Terms of Service

Entry into the North Escape compound (from now on - "the Compound") constitutes consent to the contents of these Articles and a commitment to act accordingly;

Entry to the compound under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol is prohibited.

It is not possible to enter food and / or beverage.

It is absolutely forbidden to act with verbal and / or physical violence.

The operator's instructions must be obeyed before, during and after the game.

The objects in the site are the exclusive property of North Escape, and may not be taken and / or used in any way other than by the Game's instructions.

Leaving mobile phones, tablets and the like in the waiting room is a condition for entering the game rooms.

At the time of the game, only reasonable force should be used and avoid causing damage and / or loss of any kind.

Its owner copyrights the content of the game, no copy, photocopy, recording, transmission, transfer or exclusion from the site in any manner whatsoever and any media and / or electronic means, arising from it and / or related to it, whether for private use or otherwise.

Failure to comply with any of the provisions of these regulations will result in immediate termination of the game and removal from the premises without receiving a refund.

North Escape will be entitled to full indemnity from any participant that will cause damage, expense and / or loss.

The complex is photographed and recorded.

The full cooperation of the participants in the game is essential to the success of the game and to enjoy it.

Invitation Policy

Invitation of an activity is the acceptance of the customer, confirmation of a return email from North Escape, confirming all details thereof.

Invitation of an offer / coupon activity, exercisable, deferred or canceled on the dates specified

The activity will take place exactly at the appointed time, so the customer must arrive 10 minutes from the specified time of the order.

תקנון מבצע חבר מביא חברים:

המבצע תקף עד לתאריך 31.12.19

מובהר כי על הלקוח שכבר היה בחדר הבריחה להוכיח כי הוא ביקר בחדר, אם בעזרת תמונה שצולמה בתום המשחק או אם בעזרת חשבונית.

מובהר כי כמות השחקנים הנוספים לא תהיה פחות מ3 שחקנים.

ללא כפל הנחות ומבצעים